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Kim Jaejoong to face punishment from KCDC for Coronavirus April Fool’s prank

Kim Jaejoong to face punishment from KCDC for Coronavirus April Fool’s prank

 Kim Jaejoong, a member of JYJ, is to face punishment form KCDC ( Korean Center For Disease Control and Prevention) for his coronavirus April Fool’s post. 
As previously reported,  Kim Jae Joong face a lot of backlash from fans and netizens for his insensitive post about the COVID-19 pandemic.  He had announced that he was being hospitalized after testing positive for coronavirus.
he later confessed that it was al a joke,  an April Fool’s joke. this left fans and netizens shocked and angered as they found his joke too expensive and insensitive.  
The singer had since apologized for his posts, stating that it cause was to raise awareness for the pandemic. 
However, the official authorities are not buying it. 

On April 1, the anti-epidemic headquarters of the KCDC told media outlets, “We’re currently looking into the situation regarding Kim Jaejoong’s case. It involves the spread of false information, so we’re discussing how exactly the punishment will be carried out. The quarantine authorities are able to charge people who make malicious phone calls or incite confusion, but this requires more internal consideration because it was committed by a celebrity on social media.”

Under current laws, “crimes against obstruction of justice by a hierarchy” are charged against those who obstruct duties by deceiving or deluding government officials or state agencies.

Those found guilty can receive up to 5 years in prison or 10 million Won ($8,122.82 USD) in fines.
Stay tuned for more updates…

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