‘The World Of The Married’ Announces That All Remaining Episodes Will Be Rated 19+


‘The World Of The Married’ Announces That All Remaining Episodes Will Be Rated 19+

JTBC’s hit drama ‘The World Of The Married’ has decided to rate its remaining episodes 19+
‘The World of The Married’ premiered on March 27, and has risen to the status of second highly-rated Korean drama, right behind the first highly-rated Korean drama “Sky Castle”
The drama is about the life of a married couple that falls apart due to betrayal and the ensuing whirlwind of hate and love. Kim Hee Ae plays the role of Ji Sun Woo,  a family physician who seems to lead a perfect life, with a handsome husband who loves her dearly,  and a bright, respectful son. However, when a crack is found in her happiness, her life begins to fall apart.
On April 23, the production crew announced “Starting from the ninth episode airing on April 24, all the way to episode 16, the finale, the drama will be rated 19+”

They explained the reason why.
“In the second half, which marks the turning point, the psychological battle between Ji Sun Woo ( Kim Hee Ae )and lee Tae Oh ( Park Hae Joon ) will begin in earnest. The change in the relationship between the intertwined characters and the conflict between them will unfold further on the face of a completely different situation. In order to capture the characters’ escalating conflict more realistically,  we decided to rate the rest of the episodes 19+”

The production team added ” We will humbly listen to the concerns raised about the broadcasts so far and deliberate on the remaining production process.  We will like to express our deep gratitude to the viewers who love ‘The World Of The Married’ and ask for your continued support and love”

We await the second half of this intense drama, as Lee Tae Oh secret-lover-turned-wife become overwhelmed with anxiety and Lee Tae Oh mentally tortures his ex-wife Ji Sun Woo using tricky schemes. 
The cast will attend an online press conference on April 24, at 2pm K.S.T. The event can be viewed on JTBC Drama’s Youtube channel.
The Ninth episode of ‘The World Of The Married’ will be aired on April 24, 10:50pm K.S.T

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