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May Comebacks and Debuts To Look Forward To

May Comebacks and Debuts To Look Forward To

The month has promised to be a packed one.

From our favourite celebrities waving fans goodbye as they enlist in the military to the lineup of comebacks and debut scheduled for this month.

Just in case, you are curious to see the idols enlisting this month,
here is the list :

1. Yang Se Jong
2. EXO’s Suho
3. BTOB’s Yook SungJae

Now let’s get to the exciting part.  These are the comebacks and debuts of May you should anticipate.

May 4

. Scheduled for May 4 is FANATICS mini-album ‘PART TWO’

— FANATICS(파나틱스) (@FENT_FANATICS) April 26, 2020

. ASTRO will be making their comeback with the album ‘Gateway’

ASTRO 7th Mini Album <GATEWAY>
Track List ⏳

2020. 05. 04 6PM
Coming soon ?#ASTRO #GATEWAY #Knock #널찾아가

— 판타지오뮤직 (@fantagiomusic_) April 27, 2020

. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon will be returning with “Happy”

#태연 신곡 ‘#Happy’ MV 티저 영상 다들 보셨나요??

좋은건 두번 세번 보아요!???

? 2020. 5. 4. 오후 6시 : 태연 신곡 ‘Happy’ 음원 & MV 공개!
? 2020. 5. 4. 오후 7시 : 네이버 V 라이브 ‘Happy for TAEYEON’ 진행!#소녀시대

— Girls’ Generation (@GirlsGeneration) May 2, 2020

May 6

. IU will release her collaboration single “Eight” featuring  BTS Suga

⠀IU Digital Single
<에잇(Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS)>
Moving Teaser
#IUxSUGA #아이유 #eight #에잇

— 아이유(IU) 공식 트위터 (@_IUofficial) May 1, 2020

May 7

Moon Jong Up will be releasing his debut digital single titled ‘Headache’

— Jongup_Official (@jongup_official) April 28, 2020

. Former JYP trainee Natty scheduled her debut with ‘Nineteen’ 


2020.05.07 18:00 (KST)

— Official NT (@NToffcl_twt) April 23, 2020

May 11

. Day6 will release their mini-album ‘The Book Of Us: The Demon”

— DAY6 (@day6official) April 26, 2020

. NU’EST will be returning with their mini-album ‘The Nocturne’

⚡️ “NU’EST The 8th Mini Album <The Nocturne>”

— NU’EST (뉴이스트) (@NUESTNEWS) April 20, 2020

May 13

. BVNDIT will make a comeback with their mini-album ‘carnival’

BVNDIT(밴디트) 2nd Mini Album
[Carnival] Timetable

2020. 05. 13 6PM (KST)#BVNDIT #밴디트#Carnival #20200513_6PM#BVNDIT_COMEBACK

— BVNDIT (@BVNDIT_official) April 30, 2020

. BOL4 will return with album “Puberty Book II”

[Album Scheduler]

볼빨간사춘기 미니앨범 <사춘기집Ⅱ 꽃 본 나비>

05.07 6PM ‘나비와 고양이’ Pre-Release
05.13 6PM ‘사춘기집Ⅱ 꽃 본 나비’ Release#볼빨간사춘기 #사춘기집2 #꽃본나비 #BOL4 #ShofarMusic #쇼파르뮤직

— BOL4_Official (@BOL4_Official) April 29, 2020

May 16

. UNVS will release their single “Soundtrack for the Lost & Broken”

[??????????? ??? ??? ???? & ?????? : ???? ??? ??]

2020.05.15 12PM(KST) Release#UNVS #유엔브이에스 #GiveYouUp

— UNVS_Official (@UNVS_Official) April 21, 2020

May 18

. TXT will be making a comeback with “The Dream Chapter: Eternity”

— BigHit Entertainment (@BigHitEnt) April 28, 2020

May 19

. NCT127 will release the repackaged full-length album ‘NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round’

시즈니 5월 19일에 펀치 나오는 소식 들었어요??
리팩 궁금한거 우리가 다 말해주께요.
물어봐주세요.!!! #우리칠에게궁금펀치날리기
조만간 우리가 다 알려주겠다.!

그전에 내가 한가지 스포해줄까여?
Punch 켄지누나가 써주신노래다! ??끝나따 @[email protected]#NCT127 #NCT127_Punch#NCT

— NCT 127 (@NCTsmtown_127) April 27, 2020

May 25

. Former x1 member Kim WooSeok will debut with his first solo album

May 26

. MONSTA X will release their mini album “Fantasia X” (This was previously scheduled for May 11)

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