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Military Musical Starring EXO’s Xiumin, D.O, FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki, INFINITE’s Sungyeol and More Postpones Premiere

Military Musical Starring EXO’s Xiumin, D.O, FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki, INFINITE’s Sungyeol and More Postpones Premiere

The Military musical “Return: The Promise of the Day” announced the postponement of their premiere date as a result of the recent COVID-19 measures. 
The musical original schedule was to run from June 4 to July 12, however, Insight Entertainment made an official announcement that the premiere date will be postponed.
They wrote, “On May 28, the government made an announcement regarding a resurgence of COVID-19. In accordance with government measures to temporarily halt the operation of multi-purpose facilities in the metropolitan area, we have decided to postpone the premiere date,” and “We will be cancelling the performances that were originally scheduled to take place between June 4 and 14, and the premiere will be postponed to June 16.” 
Concluding with 

“Once our musical is able to commence, the cast and crew, Army Headquarters, and Insight Entertainment promise to work hard to repay everyone with a great performance. Most of all, we promise to operate the musical with the health of the audience, cast, and crew as our utmost priority.”

Along with the premiere being postponed, the second round of ticketing, originally scheduled for June 1 has been delayed to June 4. However, performances tickets for June 4 to June 14 will be refunded

“Return: The Promise of the Day” is an original army musical whose plot involves the subject of excavating the remains of the heroic soldiers who died protecting their country during the Korean War.
The cast includes EXO’s Xiumin, Yoon Ji Sung, FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki, INFINITE’s Sungyeol, Kim Min Suk, Lee Jung Yul, Lee Jae Kyoon, Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, Lee Ji Hye and D.O.

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