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Mnet Releases New Mysterious Teaser To ‘Good Girl’ Show

Mnet Releases New Mysterious Teaser To ‘Good Girl’ Show

Mnet released a new teaser to the upcoming hip-hop reality series that I am definitely going to watch: ‘Good Girl: Who Robbed the Broadcasting Station?”

The cast of ‘Good Girl’ consists of – Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon, Ailee, Jamie (Park Ji Min), Cheetah, CLC’s Yeeun, KARD’s Jiwoo, SLEEQ, Yunhway, Queen Wasabi, and Lee Young Ji!

Mnet’s ‘Good Girl’ is set to premiere this May 14 at 9:30pm KST. it is a team mission reality show where the 10 ladies of the ‘Good Girl’ team face off against the broadcasting station, Mnet. 
Each week, Mnet will challenge the ‘Good Girl’ team to unique missions involving guest opponents.
Sincerely,  for me, the plot is nothing special. Most variety shows/celebrity shows have the same theme. So what makes it a must-watch?
The cast, of course!
 Imagine all the badass girl from the best areas of kpop coming together. It’s on my list!
Are you going to watch this show?

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