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Netizens Unexpected Reaction to Seventeen’s Junghan Accidentally Cursing While Playing ‘Maple Story’ On Vlive

Netizens Unexpected Reaction to Seventeen’s Junghan Accidentally  Cursing While Playing ‘Maple Story’ On Vlive 

Seventeen’s junghan accidentally cursed while playing ‘Maple Story’ on a Vlive broadcast and the netizens reacted; in an unexpected way. 
Junghan in a Vlive broadcast was seen playing a video game with a friend.  During the intense game, Junghan was seen saying “We’re f*cked”.  He quickly realized he was on a Vlive broadcast, leading to his adorable moment of shock.

세븐틴 윤정한 정한

— ? (@NgPs0x1h) May 5, 2020

The curse and his funny reaction have been taken in a positive manner by the netizens. These are some of the comments:


“LOL this is nothing haha”

“Who can’t relate to something like this?”

“I would’ve sworn too.”
“Aw, this is cute.”

I am glad and a bit surprised that the netizens did not give a hard time for his cute mistakes. I have seen many scenarios of Kpop idol who torn down by netizens for little human mistakes like this. 

What do you think?

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