Yoo Ah In Discusses His Character In Upcoming Thriller Movie With Park Shin Hye


Yoo Ah In Discusses His Character In Upcoming Thriller Movie With Park Shin Hye

Yoo Ah In Discusses more the role he is playing, in the upcoming zombie movie, alongside Park Shin Hye. 
It was recently announced that Korean actress, Park Shin Hye will be acting alongside Yoo Ah In in a Horror/Thriller movie titled “Alive”.
Its teaser trailer, which gave a sneak-peek into Yoo Ah In’s role was released, leaving fans highly anticipating its premiere!
When asked to describe his character in “Alive”, Yoo Ah In said “Joon Woo is someone you could meet in your everyday life. He has his unique qualities but he also has a natural, guy-next-door vibe”

“ALVE” is a survival thriller film. Its plot revolves around the sudden outbreak of a mysterious illness, – thinking Resident Evil! – that causes those infected to attack other people.  As the disease rapidly spreads throughout the country, growing out of control. The survivors are trapped inside their apartments without access to phone calls, Wi-Fi, or texting. Joon Woo ( Yoo Ah In ) and Yoo Bin ( Park Shin Hye ) are two survivors that find themselves isolated in a dangerous city.
Director Jo II Hyung praised Yoo Ah In’s acting, “Yoo Ah In is an actor who has the ability to pull off any character,  as well as the power to make audiences focus on him.  He really developed and improved the character of Joon Woo by adding lots of small details [through his acting]”
Alive is scheduled to premiere in the month of June. 
Will you be watching this film?

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