Jung So Min And Lee Joon Have Broken Up After Three Years Of Dating.

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Jung So Min And Lee Joon Have Broken Up After Three Years Of Dating.

Jung so min and Lee Joon have broken up after three years of Dating.

According to a report from Dispatch, representatives for both Jung so min and Lee Joon confirmed that the couple are no longer together.

The source stated, “The two recently broke up,”

“They’ve decided to remain on good terms and cheer each other on as fellow actors.”

Both stars’ agencies have also confirmed the report.

Lee Joon’s agency PrainTPC gave an official statement, “Lee Joon and Jung So Min recently broke up. Lee Joon is planning to greet the public soon through a good project,” and Jung So Min’s agency Blossom Entertainment affirmed, “Jung So Min and Lee Joon recently broke up. They have decided to remain colleagues.”

Sources close to the stars also stated, “They spent a lot of time apart. Since they were both busy, they grew apart from one another. They ended up deciding to focus more on their individual work.”

Jung so min and Lee Joon began dating in October 2017 after starring together in the KBS drama “Father Is Strange”

I never know how to feel when I hear that my favourite celebrities have broken up because I know that it might be harder for them.

I mean they is usually a reason why the “No Dating the co-worker” rule exists.

I hope the best for both of them and much happiness.

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