September 29, 2022
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1THE9’s Agency Confirms Group’s Disbandment Date

1THE9’s Agency Confirms Group’s Disbandment Date

PocketDol Studio has addressed 1THE9’s impending disbandment.

On July 27, Joy New 24 reported that 1THE9 will be disbanding on August 8. The group was originally scheduled to disband on July 8 but due to the COVID 19 pandemic, their comeback was postponed leading to the modification of their disbandment date.


According to Joy News 24, 1THE9’s management sent the members’ respective agencies an official statement that notified that 1THE9’s contract will be extended for an additional month.
The extension of the group’s activities allowed the release of their third and last album “Turn Over” on July 16.

The official document sent to each members’ agency marks August 8 as the date of 1THE9’s disbandment but if any promotional activities related to their new album arises, the group will still carry out these activities, Joy News 24 reported.

PocketDol Studio also shared to SPO TV News
“We sent each member’s agency an official document. 1THE9’s promotions end on August 8, and their activities as a group end that day. The members will then return to their respective agencies.”

1THE9 is a temporary project group formed from the MBC’s survival audition show “Under 19.” The group debuted with “XIX” as their first album and title track “Spotlight” in April 2019.

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