February 5, 2023
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Goo Hye Sun Signs With New Agency, MIMI Entertainment

Goo Hye Sun Signs With New Agency, MIMI Entertainment


Goo Hye Sun has joined a new agency.


The Recently divorced has signed with a new agency days after the finalization of her divorce to Ahn JaeHyun.



Following Goo Hye Sun’s announcement and promise to live a life filled with happiness and cheer on the 23rd of July, it was confirmed that the actress had signed and exclusive contract with the agency, MIMI Entertainment.




MIMI Entertainment is a new agency helmed by a former YG Entertainment employee who worked with Goo Hye Sun during her time at the company, CEO Kim Sung Hoon.


A source from MIMI Entertainment stated

“Due to the relationship we formed during the long time we spent together at YG Entertainment, we have ended up joining forces with Ku Hye Sun, who is famous not only in Korea but abroad as well, for her many domestic and international activities.”


The agency added, “Through our history of working together for Ku Hye Sun’s diverse activities as an actress, director, and writer, we have built up a deep trust in one another. With that as a foundation, we are looking forward to her new start. We will fully support the activities of artist Ku Hye Sun, who possesses a diverse array of charms, in a family-like atmosphere.”


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