Ji Chang Wook Thanks Fans For Celebrating His Birthday With Voluntary Donation

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Ji ChangWook Thanks Fans For Celebrating His Birthday With Voluntary Donation


Ji Chang Wook




Actor Ji Chang Wook recently added a year to his age.
He is older and hotter! *Sigh*

Of course, fans did not forget the cutie’s birthday [ You can tell that he is my bias, right?] And made to sure to celebrate July 5 in a very touching manner.

It was revealed by the Miral Welfare Foundation that “Ji Chang Wook Gallery”, a Ji Chang Wook Filipino fan club and various other fans from all over the world had made donations and sent in 400 kilograms ( about 881 pounds) of rice.

These donations were made in Ji Chang Wook’s name and will for a long way in aiding children with disabilities. It will also be used to pay for medical and living expenses for low-income families.

The Miral Welfare Foundation is a welfare centre for the disabled in Korea and Ji Chang Wook worked with the foundation earlier this year.

Ji Chang Wook had participated in it’s “How You See Me?” Campaign on April 20. The campaign supports the acceptance of civil rights for disabled citizens of Korea.

So in support of Ji Chang Wook’s participation in the campaign, his fans donated to the Miral Welfare Foundation.

A representative of the foundation said, “After actor Ji Chang Wook participated in our campaign, there have been endless sponsorship applications from his fans who want to join to raise awareness for children with disabilities. The employees of our foundation are experiencing the positive influence of actor Ji Chang Wook.”

They continued, “We thank the fans who have shared their feelings for children with disabilities along with Ji Chang Wook. We also want to thank actor Ji Chang Wook for participating in our campaign by donating his talent. The precious donations sent will be used for children with disabilities who are unable to receive the required medical treatment due to difficult family circumstances.”

Later in the day, Ji Chang Wook thank his fans for their meaningful donations through his Instagram page. He posted photos of the certificate of appreciation for the contribution made by fans in his name along with a photo of him holding a bouquet of flowers.

He captioned “To celebrate my birthday, many people came together in good spirits like this. You are all really incredible people. I’m learning lots. Thank you, I love you.” In hashtags, he added, “You are all more impressive than me. So beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

I love this so much and it seems Ji Chang Wook did too. Notice he said ‘You are all more impressive than me’?

This is really the best birthday present ever.

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