January 28, 2023
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#ProtectYoungJae Trends After Fans See The Effect Of Sasaeng Fans On GOT7’s YoungJa

#ProtectYoungJae Trends After Fans See The Effect Of Sasaeng Fans On GOT7’s YoungJae





#ProtectYoungJae trends after Fans notice something about GOT7’s YoungJae.

The GOT7’s member, Choi YoungJae recently expressed his discomfort because of sasaeng fans. He got angry because this stalkerish fans would invade his privacy by calling him, trying to text him, waiting for him outside his home or taking pictures of him secretly.

Youngjae expressed his feelings on his social media.

Fans then noticed that YoungJae looked exhausted during MBC radio July 2 broadcast of ‘Idol Radio’. 


His exhausted and worn out look made fans worry, and they stormed to their various social media sites to demand security for YoungJae.

The trend #protectYoungjae began trending worldwide on twitter. 

It is to be noted that this is not the first time this has happened and that fact makes fans enraged. Who is to be blamed? The sasaeng fans that cannot respect human’s want for personal space or the agency that will not protect their idols?

Fans are now asking JYP to protect YoungJae


I sincerely want to thank Young K & the guests tonight, Seungyoun & Jinhyuk for making the atmosphere lively & making Youngjae’s laugh. He was a bit down earlier #Youngjae #영재 #ARS #GOT7 #IGOT7 #YoungK #DAY6 #2young #ProtectYoungjae pic.twitter.com/rMAlQqlFKR

— MYSunshineYJ #AlwaysWithYoungjae (@MYSunshineYJ) July 2, 2020


You can see Youngjae is not even smiling even the slightest obviously he still not happy about what happened ?@jypnation @GOT7Official take legal action & protect your artist NOW! #ProtectYoungjae #Youngjae #ARS #GOT7 pic.twitter.com/ynfzOxQb3j

— MYSunshineYJ #AlwaysWithYoungjae (@MYSunshineYJ) July 2, 2020


is it just me? i think he’s not in a mood today? #ProtectYoungjae pic.twitter.com/NYkwDSevp4

— ?????? ♡ multi ⟭⟬?? (@daphtuan93) July 2, 2020


#ProtectYoungjae trending WORLDWIDE at #27#GOT7 #GOT7_NOTBYTHEMOON #GOT7_DYE @GOT7Official

Keep tweeting ahgase pic.twitter.com/iZXaIY6Xwv

— GOT7 Streaming Team (@GOT7StreamTeam) July 2, 2020


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