January 28, 2023
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VROMANCE’s Park Jang Hyun Is Getting Married.


VROMANCE’s member, Park Jang Hyun announces hia marriage plans.


On July 18, Park Jang Hyun’s agency revealed that the singer will be getting married in August.


He also wrote a personal letter to fans. The letter was posted in VROMANCE’s fan cafe.


His letter reads:



“Hello, this is VROMANCE’s Park Jang Hyun.


I wanted to reveal the news to VROCOLLI [VROMANCE’s fandom] first, and I’m writing because I have news for everyone that has given me support.


Before becoming VROMANCE’s Park Jang Hyun, I dreamed of becoming a singer. Having spent my life singing, I’m now beginning to approach my mid-30s.


I’ve spent a lot of time working to maintain my career as a singer, and I didn’t even have time to think about finding stability, as I was busy wading through uncertainty. But now, I’ve found someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and we will be marrying in August. I gained the determination to do so, thinking that there will be much more that I want to protect in the future.


Though I’m cautious revealing this news during what is a difficult time for everybody, I want to thank my family, my acquaintances, the VROMANCE members, and everyone at RBW for cheering me on and supporting me.


And I want to thank our fans, for giving me so much support and love simply for the fact that I’m VROMANCE’s Park Jang Hyun.


I’ll become an even better person and repay everyone’s love and support with sincere music.


From Park Jang Hyun”


Fans are excited about the news but something they noticed makes us all happy.

Most celebrities who have broke the news of their plan to marry or date to fans, pepper their statements with apology but why apologize for living like a normal human?


Fans are grateful and happy that Park Jang Hyun did not apologize in his letter but rather told of how happy he is.


Congratulations to Park Jang Hyun!


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