October 4, 2022
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Actor Kim Won Hae Tests Positive For COVID-19

Actor Kim Won Hae Tests Positive For COVID-19


It was revealed on August 20, that actor Kim Won Hae has tested positive for COVID-19.

The previous day, KBS’s “To All The Guys Who Loved Me” halted filming after it’s cast, Seo Sung Hong, tested positive for COVID-19. Heo Dong-won, acting in the upcoming drama “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” also tested positive.

Kim Won Hae marks the third actor confirmed positive.
The actor’s agency announced, “After a cast member of the play ‘Jjamppong,’ which Kim Won Hae was to star in, tested positive for COVID-19, Kim Won Hae was not identified as a candidate to be tested. However, just in case, he received a test on August 19 and entered self-quarantine.”

They continued, “On the afternoon of August 20, Kim Won Hae was confirmed positive, and following the test result, we cancelled all of his scheduled activities. In accordance with the guidelines set by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), he is currently in self-quarantine, and he will be transferred to a hospital once a sickbed is secured.”

“We’ve also immediately shared the situation surrounding the examination and the positive test result with Kim Won Hae’s play “Jjamppong” so that they can also take follow-up measures.” Finally, SSGG Company added, “Kim Won Hae’s manager, who carried out his scheduled activities together, also received a test on the same day, and the manager was informed that he had tested negative.” The agency added.

Following the news, the production company for the play “Jjamppong” released an official statement.

“Hello. This is Theater Company San.

On August 19, one of the participants of our play tested positive for COVID-19, so all the participants are in self-quarantine after being tested for COVID-19.

A portion of the test results for COVID-19 have come out today, so we’re sharing the theater company’s situation.

Immediately after confirming the case on August 19, we shared a list of the theater company’s members and where they have been with disease prevention officials, and all the people who came in contact [with the infected individual] have been waiting in self-quarantine after being tested.

The current test results reveal that out of the 39 total participants, 15 are confirmed cases, seven have tested negative, and 19 are on standby to be tested or are waiting for their results.

In accordance with instructions from disease prevention officials, the current confirmed individuals will be transferred and carry out additional tests, and the remaining people will be in self-quarantine and watching their state in accordance with the guidelines set by the authorities.

The practice rooms (located in Daehangno and Hansung University) and the theater (located in Hansung University) are currently closed, and we’ve handed over this information to the local disease prevention management office.

We have informed you of the events that have occurred until now, and Theater Company San would like to sincerely apologize to everyone including the culture and arts community for this unintended situation. We would also like to inform you that we will continue to follow KCDC guidelines.

In accordance with the guidelines, we will continue to share updates on additional information.

Thank you.”

We wish Kim Won Hae and everyone who has tested positive a speedy full recovery.


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