December 1, 2022
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Actor Sung Joon Will hold His Wedding This September

Actor Sung Joon Will hold His Wedding This September

Sung Joon is now holding his wedding!

According to the reports, Sung Joon planned his wedding ceremony in consideration of his non-celebrity bride this September 12 KST
Note that the couple is already legally married but did not hold a ceremony.

Sung Joon enlisted for his military service in December 2018, following that, he revealed that he had registered his marriage with his non-celebrity girlfriend and they had a child. In February 2019, the couple announced that they were expecting their second child.


Sung Joon decided to serve the remaining time in his military service in the reserve forces in order to look after his family. The wedding was delayed did to these circumstances.

As Actor Sung Joon completed his military service last month, it seems he has decided to hold his belated wedding.

Sung Joon is known for his dramas such as ‘Shut up Flower Boy Band’, ‘Can we get married’ and ‘Gu Family Book’


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