October 7, 2022
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ONO Entertainment Addresses Yoon Hee Seok’s Recent Post About Leaving LIMITLESS

ONO Entertainment Addresses Yoon Hee Seok’s Recent Post About Leaving LIMITLESS


ONO Entertainment released an official statement in response to Yoon Hee Seok shocking post that had announced that he would be leaving LIMITLESS.

In May, Idol Yoon Hee Seok had shocked fans with his disappearance after an announcement of his decision to leave LIMITLESS. He took to his personal Instagram page on August 11 to explain himself.

He said that the agency was facing financial difficulties, LIMITLESS’s members were not getting along and he had felt betrayed by their CEO’s reaction when he reached out for help.

LIMITLESS’s agency, ONO Entertainment has now released an official statement addressing Yoon Hee Seok’s claims.

Their statement reads:


“Hello, this is ONO Entertainment.


We wish to give our official statement regarding LIMITLESS member Yoon Hee Seok.

First, we wish to sincerely apologize to the fans who love LIMITLESS for bringing such unfortunate news in such troubled times.


The controversy related to LIMITLESS member Yoon Hee Seok resulted from a difference in opinion in the process of him leaving the group.

After countless conversations with Yoon Hee Seok, we decided to respect his opinion that he could no longer carry out activities as a member of LIMITLESS and settled the matter so that LIMITLESS would continue in the future with five members.


We made multiple requests to Yoon Hee Seok to carry out the necessary procedures to terminate his contract with our agency, but we have not been able to complete the process as Yoon Hee Seok has yet to give us his position on ‘contract termination’ till now.

Some aspects of the controversial social media post that Yoon Hee Seok shared today are different from the truth.


Although we cannot speak more on the reasons for Yoon Hee Seok leaving the group as it would infringe on his privacy, we wish to state that we are considering legal action against any broader interpretations or the spreading of false information related to this.


Also, we request that people stop posting malicious comments about Yoon Hee Seok and the other members of LIMITLESS.


Lastly, we are apologetic for causing concern to those who love LIMITLESS, and we will not hold back on our support for LIMITLESS’s continued activities in the future with five members.


Also, we ask for your continued support for the five members of LIMITLESS, who are sweating day and night to return with maturity and sincere music.


Thank you.”


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