October 4, 2022
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Police Dismiss Claims Of Shin Hyun Joon’s Past Drug Use

Police Dismiss Claims Of Shin Hyun Joon’s Past Drug Use

The authorities have dismissed allegations of actor Shin Hyun Joon’s past drug use.

On July 13, Kim Gwang Seob, Shin Hyun Moon’s former manager submitted a written accusation to the Seoul Gangnam Police station, requesting that they reinvestigate a claim that Shin Hyun Joon was involved in the illegal use of Propofol back in 2010.

The written accusation states: “In 2010, Shin Hyun Joon overdosed on the drug while receiving treatment at a dermatologist’s in Gangnam District, and he was then investigated by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office.”

It was reported on August 12, that the Seoul Gangnam Police station rejected the complaint filed by Kim Gwang Seob. After reviewing 5he complaint, it was decided that Shin Hyun Joon did not illegally administer the drug.

Stating the reasons for their decision, the police said: “The year 2010 that Kim Gwang Seob made claims about was the year before Propofol was determined a drug (February 2011), and the seven-year statute of limitations for illegal drug use that is not for medical purposes does not apply in this case, as more than seven years have passed.”

Shin Hyun Joon and his former manager, Kim Gwang Joon have been in a dispute since last months when Kim Gwang Seob gave an interview alleging that he had been mistreated by Shin Hyun Joon for the past 13 years.
His claims were denied and Shin Hyun Joon’s current agency, HJ Film released a statement that further refuted the claims.

Following the claim about his past drug use, Shin Hyun Joon filed a complaint against Kim Gwang Seob for defamation and spreading false information.

He said “I first met Kim Gwang Seob in 1991, and we became friends, but we cut ties years ago after I found out that he has caused many disturbances around me. After disappearing for several years, that person is now appearing again to make false claims about me.”


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