January 28, 2023
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VIXX’s Agency Responds To HongBin’s Decision To Leave The Group.

VIXX’s Agency Responds To HongBin’s Decision To Leave The Group.


Hongbin has left VIXX.

Earlier this year, Hongbin was surrounded in controversy after appearing on his Twitch live stream drunk. During his live stream, he flipped off the viewers and went on to make multiple rude comments towards other idol groups such as SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet and INFINITE.

After the controversial stream, he held another one, this time sober to apologise and explain himself. He said that he did not mean to insult the groups.
He showed remorse during the stream, shedding tears.

During the stream, someone paid him a visit so he left the cameras and muted the audio.

VIXX’s Leo posted a tweet after the first stream, the controversial one apologizing to the fans. He did not mention Hongbin by name but netizens understood the subject of his tweet.
Fans who tuned in to Hongbin’s second stream inquired if he had seen Leo’s tweet and Hongbin affirmed to have seen it. He also revealed that the man who paid him a visit was Leo, telling him to quit VIXX.

He went on to say that he would leave the group if that is what the members request of him.

Hongbin flew off the radar, appearing this year’s May to celebrate VIXX’s anniversary. He wrote a letter to the fans, thanking them for their supports and apologizing again for his actions.

His letter read:


“Hello everyone. Time has flown by quickly, and we are now celebrating our 8th year anniversary. I should be showing you guys only my best sides as it is a good time, but I am sorry once again. Even so, I wanted to tell you guys that I am thankful to those who support me all the way until our 8th anniversary. I am apologetic for showing my lacking sides before, and as much as I did, I will make sure to work hard to be able to show everyone a better version of myself in the future. Thank you again to those who have supported me.”


However when fans returned to VIXX’s fan cafe. They discovered that not only was the post gone, but Hongbin’s account had been deleted.

On August 6, Hongbin left a post on his Twitch account. He shared how he would love to continue his live streaming, he spoke about his love for games and how he missed chatting with everyone. He also mentioned a “big change”.

His post reads:


“Hello everyone. Are you guys well and healthy during these times? For me, I have been spending time at home, much more than I used to, that I think I get around by rolling rather than walking now. I have been thinking that I want to start having fun live streams again when I play games with you guys while laughing and chatting. When I stepped away from living streams, I went through some big changes. I am still trying to adjust it because I am still out of it. I am not sure if there will be changed to the future streams, but I will try to make sure my streams and fit for viewing so we can comfortably chat and laugh together. You may end up seeing some sides of me that you haven’t and you might be confused, but I will put in all my effort to ensure you guys will enjoy the streams. I am sorry for making you all wait this long. See you soon.”

Fans began to speculate if he had withdrawn from VIXX.

The media reached out to VIXX’s agency for clarification.
Jellyfish Entertainment released an official statement on August 7. Their statement announced that Hongbin has left VIXX.


“Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We’re here to announce our position regarding VIXX member Hongbin.

First of all, we’d like to thank all the fans who love VIXX, we’re sad to tell you this news.

Hongbin has announced his intentions to leave VIXX on the 7th. After careful discussions with the members and Hongbin, we decided to respect his opinion of wanting to leave the group.

VIXX will continue to work as a five-member group, we apologize for causing concern to the fans with the sudden news, we ask you for your continued love and support for the VIXX members.”


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