January 28, 2023
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Actress Go Hyun Jung Boasts Ethereal Beauty At Age 50

Actress Go Hyun Jung Boasts Ethereal Beauty At Age 50

Actress Go Hyun Jung has been gaining the interest of many netizens as she boasts her youthful beauty at age 50!

My only prayer in life is to look that good at age 50. The actress recently uploaded a photo on her fan cafe webpage. The photo was a selfie that left netizens amazed at her youthful and doll like looks, might we remind, at age 50.


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In the photo, Go Hyun Jung looks down at the camera, her wavy hair cascading around her. Her face looks bare, without makeup yet she looks stunning for her age.

Go Hyun Jung is turning 50 this year, being born in 1971. She debuted in 1989 as a contestant on the Miss Korea Competition and that is totally understood.

Netizens have commented on her ethereal beauty as it continues to shock viewers especially when they learn of her age.


They comment “She looks younger than me and I’m 28”,

“I can’t believe she’s 50”, and “She’s so beautiful.”





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