Bae Suzy Stars In Short Film Based On Her Own Novel

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Bae Suzy Stars In Short Film Based On Her Own Novel

Suzy is walking into the screenwriting game!

On September 4, a live broadcast was held in the Lancôme YouTube channel for the short film “If My Stuff Is Still At Your Place, We Haven’t Broken Up” (literal title). Korean Actress Bae Suzy and Nam Yoon Soo took part in the broadcast along with Director Kim ji Woon.

The Director stunned everyone when he announced that the creator of the original work that the film was based on was Suzy herself.

“There’s a medium-length novel that Suzy’s writing in secret,” he said “I read it and wrote the story based on an interesting part”

Suzy was also given a chance to explain this revelation, “There are stories that I’m writing for my own personal satisfaction in my spare time, but when I took on this project I was talking with the director and he chose a story that he liked and adapted it.”

She also expressed her gratitude to the director and said, “It’s such an honour for me.”

Suzy was asked her definition of a ‘happy woman’. In response,
She answered, “A woman who focuses on herself.”

“It’s not that she doesn’t think about others, it’s that I think a happy woman is one who walks her path at her own speed,” she added.

The short film narrates the story of a couple who believed that they’d be together forever but ended up splitting suddenly. It’s a tale about growth and happiness as the main character overcomes the many different emotions that come after a breakup and tries to make a new start.

It’s part of a project by the makeup brand Lancôme and was released on KakaoTV on September 4.

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