September 29, 2022
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BTS Announces Upcoming “NightTime” Versions Of Record-Breaking Single “Dynamite”

BTS Announces Upcoming “NightTime” Versions Of Record-Breaking Single “Dynamite”

BTS has a set of “Dynamite” remixes coming!


BTS released their English language single “Dynamite” on August 21.


The group has shared four “DayTime” remix version of the song and that is including acoustic, EDM, tropical and poolside remixes.

BTS has now announced that a “NightTime” series of remixes; slow jam, bedroom, retro and midnight, will be released on September 18 at 1 pm KST.


Big Hit Entertainment promised that the “NightTime” series “will let you enjoy music on a calm, late night”

“Dynamite” had previously gotten the title of the first track by an all south Korean group to take the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 and it remained at the top for a period of two weeks.


It is currently at No. 2 in its third week on the chart, reigning over major music charts in South Korea with a “perfect all-kill”


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