January 28, 2023
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BTS, NCT, And ATEEZ Make Twitter’s List Of ‘Top 10 Most Tweeted-About Artists’ In U.S. During The Past 6 Months

BTS, NCT, And ATEEZ Make Twitter’s List Of ‘Top 10 Most Tweeted-About Artists’ In the U.S. During The Past 6 Months

Twitter’s Top 10 ‘Most Tweeted About Artist in the U.S is out!

Twitter has released its list of the most-tweeted-about artist in the United States within the span of the past six months and BTS, NCT, and ATEEZ claimed spots in the top 10!

On September 15, Twitter released its official “Twitter from Home” trend report, which shares data about “what people in the U.S. have been listening to, watching, eating, and doing to stay connected and entertained in the past six months.”

The released reports evaluate Twitter activities between March 1 to September 1 in 2020 to the same range in 2019.

The quarantine period began around March and has gradually let up as the month of September rolls on. Twitter Compared this year’s twitter activities to last year’s own; a time when people weren’t quarantined.

BTS topped the list of “Most Tweeted-about Musicians in the United States” at No. 1, NCT followed at No. 6 and ATEEZ came in No. 8.

Other artists on the list include Kanye West (No. 2), Beyoncé (No. 3), Drake (No. 4), Megan Thee Stallion (No. 5), Bad Bunny (No. 7), Cardi B (No. 9) and Harry Styles (No. 10)

Congratulations to all the artists who made the list.



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