Ji Chang Wook And Kim Ji Won To Star In New Drama By “Its Okay To Not Be Okay” Director

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Ji Chang Wook And Kim Ji Won To Star In New Drama By “Its Okay To Not Be Okay” Director

It has been confirmed!

Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won will be starring together in a new romance drama!


The two were confirmed on September 21 for the leading roles in KakaoTV’s upcoming original drama “City Couple’s Way Of Love” (literal translation).

“City Couple’s Way Of Love” scheduled to air before the end of 2020, tells the story of the dating lives of young people fighting to survive a hectic city from a realistic point of view. The drama promises to be a short form and is currently being produced with multiple season to come.


The upcoming series runs on 30 minutes episodes and will be helmed by Park Shin Woo, the director of the hit Korean dramas “Its Okay To Not Be Okay”, “Encounter” and “Don’t Dare to Dream ( also known as Jealousy Incarnate).


If you have watched any of the above dramas, you would know that we have another hit drama on our hands!

The series script will be co-written by Jung Hyun Jung, writer behind the “I Need Romance” series; which I loved and “Romance is a Bonus Book”; one of the sweetest I have ever watched.


Our male lead, Ji Chang Wook will be playing the role of Park Chae Won, an honest and overly passionate architect who is in love with the city. I hear swooning!


After a woman he dubbed “camera thief” steals his heart one summer night and then disappears, he finds himself living day to day unable to get over her.


Meanwhile, Kim Ji Won will star as Lee Eun Oh, freelance marketer with a spontaneous attitude, she decides to adopt a false identity, meets Park Chae Won (Ji Chang Wook) and ends up falling in love with him, all while posed as the free spirited Yoon Sun Ah. ( I sense an issue of trust building up)

Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won have expressed their excitement about the upcoming drama, Ji Chang Wook said, “Because this is a drama by writer Jung Hyun Jung and director Park Shin Woo, both of whom I really wanted to work with, I’m delighted and excited to be preparing [for filming].” (I know I am not the only one remarking how cute he is)


Kim Ji Won also gave her views on her role in the upcoming Drama. She said, “I’m excited to be working together with such a great director, writer, and cast. I’m working hard to prepare so that I can show you a new side of myself through the character of Lee Eun Oh. In this difficult time, I hope that I’ll be able to provide even the smallest bit of joy.”


“City Couple’s Way Of Love” will air late 2020.


What are you thoughts of Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won upcoming drama?

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