Kim Bum, Kim Myung Min, Ryu Hye Young, And Lee Jung Eun Has Been Confirmed For New Legal Drama

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Kim Bum, Kim Myung Min, Ryu Hye Young, And Lee Jung Eun Has Been Confirmed For New Legal Drama

Kim Myung Min, Rye Hye Young, Kim Bum and Lee Jung Eun will be working alongside each other in the new JTBC’s drama “Law School” (working title)

The drama “Law School” is about the students and processers of South Korea’s top law school who get tangled up in an unusual case.

Kim Myung Min plays Yang Jong Joon, a criminal law professor who previously used to be an elite professor. His hostile manner of speaking made the students avoid him at all costs but agree that his strict teaching methods are addictive as he accepts nothing less than the best from his future juniors in the legal profession

Rye Hye Young has been cast as Kang Sol, a freshman law student who fought poverty and misfortune in childhood to be able to gain special admission to the law school. She walks a path of thorns and uneasiness due to the constant sense of deprivation and shame when compared to the wealth and Talent around her but she has passion and it teaches her the truth about what it means to be a lawyer.

Kim Bum plays Han Joon Hwi, another first-year law student who is at the top in his class. He is considered a natural-born leader and his good looks and charm makes him the perfect man however, he has an unexpected side of him that he keeps hidden.

Lee Jung Eun (remember “Parasite”?) Has been cast as Kim Eun Soon, a civil law professor who used to head the law school’s legal clinic for free legal services. She has a natural air of authority, a freewheeling personality and the reputation of a court master. She is also the only colleague in whom Yang Jong Hoon trusts.

A source from “Law School” shared, “This drama is set against the backdrop of South Korea’s first law school and combines a legal thriller with a campus drama. Kim Bum, Kim Myung Min, Ryu Hye Young, and Lee Jung Eun are a tough legal team of professors and students. Please look forward to seeing their brilliant acting and refreshing new characters in this story of young lawyers-in-training.”

“Law School” will be directed by Kim Suk Yoon and written by Seo In. Its premiere is scheduled sometime in the first half of 2021.

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