September 29, 2022
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LOONA’s Haseul Will Not Participate In “12:00” Comeback, Remaining on Hiatus

LOONA’s Haseul Will Not Participate In “12:00” Comeback, Remaining on Hiatus

LOONA’s agency, Blockberry Creative has confirmed that LOONA’s member, Haseul will not join the group’s upcoming comeback.


On September 17, the label released a statement:


“Hello, this is BlockBerry Creative.
First of all, we sincerely thank all the Orbits [LOONA’s fandom] for giving LOONA lots of love and support.
This is a notice about Haseul’s status before the release of their new mini album “12:00” on October 19.
In January, we made an announcement about Haseul’s health issue.
Haseul has since been receiving sufficient rest and treatment for her health, but she has decided not to participate in the “12:00” comeback promotions because she believes she would need to recover a little more to join these promotions.
We sincerely apologize for delivering this message again to Orbits who love LOONA and Haseul, and until Haseul’s health has recovered, LOONA will be carrying out promotions with 11 members.
We plan to inform you in the future regarding Haseul’s return after considering Haseul’s health condition, medical opinion, and her own opinion.
We hope that Orbit will send a lot of encouragement and support to Haseul. Please also show a lot of love and interest for the rest of the LOONA members, who are making a comeback on October 19.
Thank you.”

Back in January, it was announced that Haseul had been diagnosed with recurring anxiety, the idol has decided to take a hiatus so that she would focus more on recovery.



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