December 1, 2022
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Wonho Responds To Reactions About His ‘Washboard Abs’ Revealed During ‘Inkigayo’

Wonho Responds To Reactions About His ‘Washboard Abs’ Revealed During ‘Inkigayo’


Wonho responded to the recent buzz about his physique.

Wonho recently released his solo debut track “Open Mind”. The song is amazing, I have it on replay every morning and the visuals made us go red! (Don’t deny it)

The music video got a lot of attention as Wonho flaunted his beautiful physique in eye catching outfits.

On September 13 KST, he performed “Open Mind” on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’. His performance got many eyes as he rocked (wait for it..) a zip up top that cut open midway, perfect for revealing his rock hard abs (geddit!)

Spectators likened his abs to the “perfect washboard” (I won’t mind doing my laundry on it” because of his very defined muscle outlines! It was agreed that the outfit would have been quite different to wear with Wonho’s physique.

Netizens also noticed that the cameraman during the stage and after the program made sure to focus on the singer’s abs, we appreciate them for their hardwork!

Some of netizens’ comments read:

“What a king”

“The cameraman was also right to zoom in on those abs…a learned person”

“Such a pretty outfit today! Is that a sweater zip-up?”

“I need to tell Wonho about this”


And he did hear about it! When a fan told him of the news during a digital fansign event, he smiled nervously and replied “Well, I wore it so that you all can see it so…”

(Thank you sir, we will continue to see it well!)

In other news, (resuming pretentious professionalism), Wonho’s solo debut single “Open Mind” has stolen the No.1 spot on various iTunes charts.

Have you enjoyed his solo activities so far? Tell us what you think!





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