September 29, 2022
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YG Entertainment Completes Construction Of New, Bigger Headquarters

YG Entertainment Completes Construction Of New, Bigger Headquarters

YG Entertainment is relocating to it’s new headquarters!


The agency announced, “The new headquarters that we’ve worked on for eight years has finally been completely constructed, so we began moving some of the employees and equipment on September 16.”

YG’s new headquarters is located in the neighborhood 9f Hapjeong in the Mapo District of Seoul. It is right next to the previous headquarters on 3,145 square meters of land. The building is a nine story building with five additional floors underground and a total floor area if 19,835 square meters.

YG Entertainment had been purchasing and accumulating nearby land since 2012 in order to build their new headquarters. The construction began four years later, in 2016 and it has been been completed after four years, 2020.


The new headquarters boasts facilities like a two story tall auditorium, seven large dance practice rooms, seven large recording studios and 30 personal studios for the label’s songwriters and artists.

The entire second floor is designed to be a modern food court with the large scale fitness and recreational facilities on the basement floors. A bridge will connect YG’s previous headquarters and the new one.

A source from YG Entertainment stated, “It had been 10 years since we moved in to the previous headquarters. Our business areas and headcount expanded greatly since then, so we had been renting out and utilizing buildings nearby. When all of the scattered departments gather at the new headquarters by the end of the year, we are anticipating that our work efficiency will improve one step further.”


YG Entertainment also has plans to prepare a space for fans. The agency will rent out a small new building on the opposite side of its headquarters and furnish it into a space with rest areas, an exhibition space and other facilities for the convenience of fans.



The label explained, “There had been many fans visiting from countries far away outside the headquarters. We were worried because they were standing on the streets during the cold winter and the hot summer. We couldn’t allow them to use basic facilities like bathrooms, so we felt very apologetic. While getting the new headquarters ready, we had been thinking that we should definitely create an indoor area for fans. By having that kind of space in a building right across the street where fans can see the new headquarters in one view, the fans will no longer have to struggle in the cold and heat and will be able to enjoy the facilities indoors, and we are very happy about this.”

“We will contribute to enhancing the position of K-pop in the global market by raising new artists at our new headquarters that is fully equipped with cutting-edge facilities.” YG Entertainment added.

Fans are having mixed reactions about the new headquarters. Some fans remind YG of its promise to hold a BIGBANG comeback and others claim not to fall for YG’s improvement.


What are your thoughts on YG Entertainment’s new headquarters?


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