IU Makes Donation For Her 12th Debut Anniversary

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IU Makes Donation For Her 12th Debut Anniversary

On September 18, Celebrity IU’s agency shared on their Instagram IU’s recent activities.


They revealed that IU had donated to two organizations under the name IUAENA, which If you notice is a combination of her stage name, IU and UAENA (her official fan club name)

She donated 50 million won (approximately $43,000) to Snail of Love and another 50 million won to the Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association.


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⠀ 혼자 필 때보다 모여서 피어 날 때 더 아름다운 제비꽃무리처럼, 혼자 빛날 때보다 여럿이 불을 켤 때 더 눈부신 반딧불이들처럼. 아이유와 유애나는 함께할 때 가장 빛나요. ⠀ 연약하지만 묵묵히 반짝일 마음들을 모아 따뜻함이 필요한 곳에 우리의 이름으로 작은 온기를 보냈습니다. ⠀ 고맙고 사랑해요 유애나♥

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IU shared a message through her agency’s instagram account. She said, “Just like how violets are more beautiful when they bloom together, it’s better to shine together than alone. IU and UAENA shine the most when we are together. With our fragile but silently sparkling hearts, I made a warm donation in our name to worthy causes. Thank you, and I love you, UAENA.”


Congratulations to IU on her 12th debut anniversary!

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