January 28, 2023
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ENHYPEN Selects Their Leader Ahead Of Debut Date

ENHYPEN Selects Their Leader Ahead Of Debut Date

ENHYPEN has announced their leader!


Ahead of their upcoming debut date, ENHYPEN shared a video revealing who will be their leader!


The released video explained how the group’s leader was going to be selected. It included the members taking tests and being interviewed. At the end, Heeseung and Jungwon were selected as the two best candidates.

A staff member reminded the group that Heeseung was already the oldest member of the group and the core of their performances, so there were some issues about him taking on another responsibility.


After speaking to Heeseung and Jungwon, the group’s staff and members announced that they have choosen Jungwon to be ENHYPEN’s leader.


ENHYPEN was very satisfied with their decision as they applauded their new leader, Heeseung shared his thoughts on Jungwon being ENHYPEN’s leader. He said “I thought I could offer help in more areas if I were in the role of the eldest and a fellow member rather than the leader”.

He congratulated Jungwon and encouraged the other members to help their leader by taking responsibility with their own sense of leadership so that the group can climb higher.

ENHYPEN’s New leader, Jungwon revealed that he had no idea he would be chosen as a leader. He also expressed his worry as he said that the decision feels sudden and pushes a wave of responsibility through him. He shared “I didn’t know I would become the leader, it seems a little sudden. Now I need to feel a sense of responsibility. I want to be a leader who doesn’t feel distant to them. I want all six members to freely offer their opinions and I will too, so let’s work hard together.”


ENHYPEN’s members also shared their views on Jungwon being the leader of the group, they promised to help and support him in whatever way they could.


ENHYPEN will debut on November 30 with their mini album “BORDER : DAY ONE.”


The seven member boy group was created through the Mnet show “I-LAND”, the kpop group will be debuting this November, under BELIFT LAB, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment.


Watch the video with English subtitles below!





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