October 5, 2022
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Former 2NE1’s Minzy Sets Up Her Own Agency

Former 2NE1’s Minzy Sets Up Her Own Agency

Former 2NE1 member, Minzy now has her own agency!


Minzy left YG Entertainment in 2016, she joined The Music Works and began promoting as a solo artist. Following the four years in the agency, she left The Music Works after her legal dispute with the agency was settled.

The single album “Lovely” was released in May to celebrate a new beginning in her career.

Picture of Minzy

On October 22, it was reported that Minzy has established her own agency called MZ Entertainment with management specialist Gong Soon Yong with the goal of fostering young talents.


Goon Soon Yong will be the CEO of the new agency. The two founders combine Minzy’s 11 years of experience in the Entertainment industry with Goon Soon Yong 30 years of experience in business.


MZ Entertainment will run a dance school and has the help of external experts such as lawyer Jo Suck Geum to build a professional training system.


The name ‘MZ’ is from the agency vision plan to create stars from the “millennium Z” generation, grow their talent and character into the dream team, and support their promotions as brilliant artists in future.


Minzy will also continue her career as a solo artist under the wing of this agency.


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