November 28, 2022
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Oh Yeon Seo And Jung Woo In Talks For New Romance Drama

Oh Yeon Seo And Jung Woo In Talks For New Romance Drama

Oh Yeon Seo and Jung Woo might work alongside each other In a new romance drama!


On November 6, it was reported that the Oh Yeon Seo and Jung Woo will be playing lead characters in a new Kakao original drama with the title “Crazy Person In the Area” (literal translation).


On the same day, KakaoTV responded to the reports, it was them clarified that lead roles has been offered to Oh Yeon Seo and Jung Woo but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The new romance drama “Crazy Person In the Area” is about two people with their own painful past, they go through their different processes of hurting and healing while growing closer to one other.


The drama will be directed by Lee Tae Gon who had directed other dramas such as the “Age of Youth” series and “War of Prosecutors”.

If Oh Yeon Seo accepts the role being offered to her, she will play the character, Lee Min Kyung who through certain events, becomes a crazy person trapped in her own mind. She is obsessive and suffers from delusions. On the other hand, Jung Woo was offered the role of No Hwi Oh, a detective at the Gangnam Police Station who has an obsession with his cases.


“Crazy Person In the Area” is scheduled to air in the first half of next year.




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