January 28, 2023
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YG Entertainment Confirms BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Lisa’s Solo Debut MV Filming Schedule.

YG Entertainment Confirms BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Lisa’s Solo Debut MV Filming Schedule


Clear your calendars – BLACKPINK Rosé and Lisa will be making their solo debut!

On December 30, it was reported that BLACKPINK Rosé is officially getting ready for her solo debut project!

It was revealed that Rosé’s solo debut music video filming schedule has been set, sometimes within January, which means Rosé’s solo debut is less than a few days away.

YG Entertainment has responded to the reports involving the kpop girl group, BLACKPINK and the rumours of a solo debut.

YG Entertainment gave the statement, “Both Rosé and Lisa are currently carrying out the necessary steps for their solo music releases. There are indeed plans for them to film MVs soon.”

The agency also continued, “Because Jisoo is scheduled to film her debut drama series ‘Snow Drop’, [Lisa and Rosé] will release solo tracks first. We will release more specific details including time frames later on in an official announcement.”

Rosé and Lisa’s solo debut isn’t the only kpop event taking place in January, as BLACKPINK would be holding their first online concert “The Show” on January 31, so between preparations for the solo debut, MV filming and the online concert, we can be sure that the girls have got their hands full.

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