October 4, 2022
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EVERGLOW’s Yiren And Sihyeon Test Positive For COVID-19

EVERGLOW’s Yiren And Sihyeon Test Positive For COVID-19

EVERGLOW’s members, Yiren and Sihyeon tested positive for COVID-19.

On December 1, EVERGLOW’s agency, Yuehua Entertainment released a statement breaking the news that both Yiren and Sihyeon had been diagnosed with COVID-19.
The label also announced that the other members of EVERGLOW had tested negative for the virus but will still be going into self-quarantine for two weeks as a precaution.

Read Yuehua Entertainment’s full statement below:

“Hello, this is Yuehua Entertainment.


We are informing you of the news that our artist EVERGLOW’s Yiren has tested positive for COVID-19.


Yiren recently learned that one of her acquaintances had been confirmed [positive for COVID-19], so she informed the health authorities and voluntarily underwent testing. On the evening of December 1, she received notice that her test results were positive.
The EVERGLOW members, who have been living together with Yiren, also underwent testing together. Sihyeon’s test results came back positive, and the other four members’ results were negative.


At present, the artists, staff, and employees at our agency who have crossed paths or come into contact with [Yiren and Sihyeon] have either already underwent testing or are planning to be tested. When we receive the results, if there is anything out of the ordinary, we will take further measures and proceed with additional analysis of their movements.


Yiren and Sihyeon, who have tested positive, will follow the instructions of health authorities; and although their test results came back negative, the remaining EVERGLOW members and the staff who came into close contact with [Yiren and Sihyeon] will go into voluntary self-isolation for two weeks.


Our entire agency will actively follow government guidelines to prevent the spread of [COVID-19], and we will check to make sure there is no risk of further infection within the company. We will also work even harder to do our utmost to take care of our artists.
We apologize for giving cause for concern.”

We hope Yiren and Sihyeon recover quickly!


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