November 28, 2022
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Wonho Reveals Reason For Starting His YouTube Channel + His Hopes For 2021

Wonho Reveals Reason For Starting His YouTube Channel + His Hopes For 2021

Wonho was recently interviewed by Dazed Korea!

During the interview, the kpop star revealed his determination concerning his solo comeback, he shared, “I don’t drink much, and I also try not to go out. I spend most of my time exercising. I wanted to work hard and become the solo artist with the best body, but I think I fell short of my own expectations.”

Wonho also discussed his new YouTube channel “ohhoho” (think Christmas cheer).

He was asked why he started his own YouTube channel, he replied that it was due to his affection for his fans explaining, “Actually, I’m mostly making content that fans tell me they want to see. I started making videos since I thought that the fans would want to see what I’m up to when they’re bored or when I’m not doing promotional activities for a long period of time.”

He further explained that since he had no plan to be one a Youtuber full-time, the channel has no clear purpose. “I create videos as long as they don’t interfere with my scheduled activities,” he said.

Wonho also shared his desire to be able to communicate better with his fans. “Japanese was the first foreign language I ever studied, and I’ve done a lot of activities in Japan so I started learning Japanese first. I also started studying English to broaden my horizons,” he revealed. “Even if I can’t speak it naturally, I started learning English because I figured I should be able to hear or read something and understand its meaning.”

When asked about his next work, wonho revealed that his next album will have a “sexy and dark” mood. He went on to explain that since his last album was more energetic and lively, his next album would be of a more mature mood.

Wonho said that his resolutions for 2021 are very simple. “I think this will be the same for everyone, but I want COVID-19 to disappear,” he said. “It’s my dearest wish to be able to see fans’ faces when I perform. Additionally, I want to show everyone various sides of myself as a solo artist. I also really miss my fans who live overseas. The image of the fans I met while on tour is stuck in my head.”

Wonho’s full interview with Dazed is in the January 2021 issue of the magazine.

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