October 5, 2022
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GOT7 Will Not Be Renewing Their Contracts With JYP Entertainment + Agency Responds

GOT7 Will Not Be Renewing Their Contracts With JYP Entertainment + Agency Responds

On January 10, Dispatch reported that all GOT7 members will be leaving JYP Entertainment.

According to the reports, the group’s last activity together will be the 35th Golden Disc Awards at which they are scheduled to perform today.
A source stated, “The GOT7 members are very close. They agreed on staying together, but they disagreed on the choice of their agency. After multiple discussions with the company, they decided to part ways.”

The reports went to explain each member’s possible plan for the future. Jin Young has rounded up discussions with the acting agency BH Entertainment, while Yugyeom is in talks with the higher-ups at AOMG.

GOT7’s Youngjae has been scouted by Sublime Artist Agency which houses many stars like Song Kang Ho, Rain, EXID’s Hani and more. A source from the agency stated to Newsen, “We are currently in talks”.
JB has received offers from many agencies and is planning to forward his solo career.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang will continue his global activities through his own label Team Wang, but his activities in Korea might be managed through a separate agency.

BamBam is in talks to sign with MakeUs Entertainment. The Thailand star will also balance his activities in Thailand and Korea.

According to Dispatch, Mark will be returning to his hometown, Los Angeles, United States to be with his family. He also has plans of opening a YouTube channel. He is considering going solo in the United States.

An acquaintance shared, “The members care a lot about GOT7. Though they will each promote separately, they agreed to make time when GOT7 reunites.”

In response to the reports, JYP Entertainment stated, “We can not confirm which [agencies] each member is in contact with. We will inform you once our position regarding GOT7’s contract renewal is ready.”


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