October 5, 2022
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JYP Entertainment Confirms GOT7’s Departure From Agency

JYP Entertainment Confirms GOT7’s Departure From Agency

JYP Entertainment has officially announced that GOT7 is leaving the agency.


Dispatch has reported that all seven members of GOT7 had decided not to renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment. The reports also went on to give details about each members’ plans for the future.


On January 11, JYP Entertainment released an official statement confirming Dispatch’s reports.

Read the full statement below.


“Hello. This is JYP Entertainment.
JYP has held thorough discussions with the GOT7 members ahead of the expiration of their exclusive contract on January 19.
As a result, both sides have agreed not to renew the contract while hoping for a fresh future.
GOT7 has performed exceptionally as a global idol group that represents K-pop since their debut on January 16, 2014.
We genuinely thank GOT7 for being part of the growth of K-pop and JYP, as well as GOT7 and all fans who have been a source of motivation to GOT7’s activities with their endless support since their debut.
Our official relationship ends here, but JYP will sincerely cheer on the new future that the GOT7 members will advance into.”


We wish the best to the members of GOT7!



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