October 5, 2022
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Actress Kim Bo Kyung Passes Away

Actress Kim Bo Kyung Passes Away

On February 5, it was reported that Korean actress, Kim Bo Kyung has passed away.


According to her family and close relatives, she passed away on February 1 after battling cancer for 11 years.

Kim Bo Kyung was quite known in the acting industry as some of her works included the 2001 hit film “Friend”. Her other works included “Invitation”, “School 4”, “Behind the White Tower”, “Spotlight” and more. She has also made appearances in films like “RU Ready?”, “Sword in the Moon”, “My Little Bride”, “Blue Sky”, “Epitaph”, “Paju” and “The Day He Arrives.”


We send our deepest sympathies to Kim Bo Kyung’s family and friends.





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