December 1, 2022
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GOT7’s JB Launches Personal YouTube Channel

GOT7’s JB Launches Personal YouTube Channel

GOT7’s JB is on YouTube!

On February 3, GOT7’s member JB shared a video through his newly created YouTube channel JAE BEOM LIM.

The introductory video was titled “THX. My Best Friends!”.

In the video, JB introduces himself. He reveals that although he doesn’t have clear plans for the future, he has decided to use his channel as a space where he can show fans the different sides of him.

He promised to share good contents and keep in touch with fans. He ends the introduction by asking fans to look forward to his work.

In the video description, JB reveals that this introductory video will be taken down once he uploads a new video.

GOT7’s JB also left an update on Instagram after his new channel hit 100,000 subscribers. He wrote “thx!” and “Whoa”.

Since the creation of his YouTube channel on February 3, his channel has amassed over 300,000 subscribers!

JB also just recently joined Twitter

Watch JB’s first YouTube video below:




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