November 28, 2022
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JiSoo Confirmed To Step Down From “River Where The Moon Rises” + “Mr Queen” Na In Woo In Talks To Replace Him

JiSoo Confirmed To Step Down From “River Where The Moon Rises” + “Mr Queen” Na In Woo In Talks To Replace Him

KBS has confirmed that Actor Jisoo will be leaving “River Where The Moon Rises.”

JiSoo has been the center of multiple allegations concerning school violence and sexual harassment. On March 4, he responded with a handwritten letter, apologizing for his behavior in the past.

“River Where The Moon Rises” cancelled that day’s shoot and announced that they are debating on how to handle the controversy.

In the early morning of March 5, KBS told Star News that they have decided that JiSoo will be leaving the drama.

“Ji Soo, who has recently become the center of controversy, will be stepping down from ‘River Where the Moon Rises,’”

Following the announcement, Cube Entertainment revealed that the “Mr Queen” star, Na In Woo is considering taking over JiSoo’s role. The agency stated, “Na In Woo has received an offer to join ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ in the role of On Dal, and he is currently reviewing the offer.”

KBS released an official statement regarding the drama’s future season.

Read the statement below:

“First of all, we are apologetic for causing concern to viewers due to the school violence controversy of actor Ji Soo who is starring in KBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “River Where the Moon Rises.” We also extend words of sincere consolation to the victims.
KBS has decided the following:
The reruns starring actor Ji Soo scheduled for this weekend will not be broadcast
The upcoming episodes 7 and 8 will be broadcast with scenes featuring actor Ji Soo removed as much as possible
Starting from episode 9, the footage will be replaced with newly filmed footage starring a different actor in his place
With deep awareness of this situation’s severity, KBS considered all potential measures including the entire cancellation of “River Where the Moon Rises” broadcasts.
However, if we cancel all upcoming broadcasts, there was inevitable concern about causing disappointment to viewers who have loved “River Where the Moon Rises” for leaving it as an incomplete drama.
IN addition, we had to consider the harm that would be caused to many people who have positively contributed including staff members, actors, and the production company.
We ask for the generous understanding of viewers and for continuous interest towards “River Where the Moon Rises.”
Thank you.”

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