Lee Jong Suk To Play Lawyer In His 1st Drama Since Military Discharge

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Lee Jong Suk To Play Lawyer In His 1st Drama Since Military Discharge

Lee Jong Suk might be returning our screen as a lawyer!

On April 21, it was reported that Lee Jong Suk, who was discharged from the military in January, has chosen to play a lawyer in his first drama “Big Mouth.”

Lee Jong Suk’s agency A-MAN Project responded to the reports to Newson, clarifying, “He has received an offer for ‘Big Mouth’ and is reviewing it.”

The drama “Big Mouth” is a story following the odd things that happen when a third-rate lawyer is placed in charge of a murder case and begins to dig for the truth. It records the battles faced by a lower-middle-class lawyer who must play the villain to protect himself and his loved ones while punishing the bad guys in a corrupt world full of conspiracies and greed.

If Lee Jong Suk agrees to work on this project; he will play the role of the main lead, Park Chang Ho. Relating to the drama’s title, Park Chang Ho is known as a big mouth because of his habit of talking big but not backing it with action. He is unable to pay his monthly rent for his office nor pay the salary of his office manager, who is also his father-in-law.

“Big Mouth” is written by Ha Ram, along with screenwriters Jang Young Child and Jung Kyung Soon. The drama will be helmed by Director Oh Choong Hwan, known for “While You Were Sleeping,” “Hotel Del Luna,” and “Start-Up.”

Filming for “Big Mouth” has been scheduled for the second half of this year.

Are you excited to see Lee Jong Suk’s return to screen?

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