December 1, 2022
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Korean Drama Doom At Your Service Review

Korean Drama Doom At Your Service Review

A new Korean drama is on our screen and this one is wrecking hearts!

Korean Actors Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young made their kdrama comeback with the fantasy drama “Doom at your service”

“Doom At your service” is the story of Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) who lost her parents at an early age. She is diagnosed with a brain tumour, giving her less than 100 days to live. As she prays for the destruction of the world, the destruction himself comes to her and live with her for the last 100 days.

This Korean drama did not come to play. Weeks before its premiere, it had already started stealing hearts with its intriguing teaser and captivating posters.

At first sight,  “Doom at your service” calls for a thrilling fantasy romance so I added this drama to my long and ever-growing list of Korean dramas to watch. Now four episodes later, the question is did it satisfy?

Note: this is not a recap of the Korean drama, Doom At Your Service.

It’s a review. My apologies for any potential spoilers.


Seo In Guk as Myul Mang

There are a lot of actors we need back on our screens and Seo In Guk is one of them.

In “Doom at your Service” Seo In Guk played the role of the male lead and deity of destruction titled Myul Mang. Fun fact; Myul Mang literally means destruction or doom in  Korean. 

The drama wastes no time in letting us realize how much power Myul Mang has. In the drama first scenes, we are shown just how powerful he is, with his favourite acts: manipulation, dream control and our own personal – He being the reason for every destruction that happens and will ever occur.

This character made its way quickly to my most favourite Korean drama character.

The drama brings in Myul Mang as a mystery that promises to be unravelled slowly and sweetly. We are shown that he despises himself but doesn’t seem to like himself either.

 Myul Mang’s aura is an intoxicating one, filled with thrills. Watching Seo In Guk’s scenes, I found myself wondering “What would he do next?”

Seo In Guk is a versatile actor and is used to playing roles that might not be his exact personality so I did not doubt that he would be delivering a character worth watching and drooling over!

Park Bo Young as Tak Dong Kyung

Park Bo Young drags the audience into the world of Tak Dong Kyung, painting a perfect picture of a woman who Is strong enough to break the world and make a pact with destruction himself

Our favourite strong woman is back and this time,  it seems she won’t be playing much of cute. The drama’s first scenes open up with Dong Kyung’s appearance. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Despite the shocking news, she rejects a biopsy and numbs herself to it.

On the same day, she got the diagnosis and the news that she had only three months to live. She finds out that her boyfriend was a married man, gets humiliated by his pregnant wife,  has a fall in with her obnoxious boss, has to handle her troublesome brother and then, goes home to commemorate the anniversary of her parent’s death.

Yes, all that happened to one person. Maybe because Park Bo Young has quite the petite structure, it feels like it is unfair.

Further, into the drama, we are allowed to see what sort of woman Tak Dong Kyung is.  From childhood, she has taught herself to steel her heart and hold back tears. So she preserves with the most astonishing severity. It’s almost scary to watch her. I am sorry for Dong Kyung because it is almost like the world is against her.

Such a small woman, yet she bears the problems of half the world. Another reason why Myul Mang’s entry into her life makes us intrigued.

Like Tak Dong Kyung wondered ‘Is he a misfortune or a blessing?”

.Jung Ji So as Sonyeoshin (for the case of reference, I’ll call her little girl)

She is the most intriguing character in the drama. This character makes me want to whip out my detective book. We have seen and fallen for Myul Mang and hopes he does not hurt our girl too much. We laud Dong Kyung’s bravery and wish much strength to her yet this little girl remains an unsolved puzzle.

Later into the drama, this little girl seems to be playing a game of chess with Myul Mang. Her words hint at a bigger goal yet her interactions with him put me on the defence.

Though the shared dialogues and scenes paint her as the “controller”, It seems she has not much control of the world and humans as a deity, as she likened the world to a garden she cannot control and numerously, told Myul Mang that she has no hand in fate.

If we look at it from a gods and deities angle, Myul Mang is the deity of destruction,  the controller and cause of doom and she is a sort of “representation” for the creator. I say representation because she doesn’t sit right with me. Call me biased but I will have a problem with her if she is working against Myul Mang, unnecessarily.

Nevertheless, the drama still has her shrouded in thick mystery.  The only thing I can understand is that she is a head deity of some sort and Myul Mang cares for her, even if she infuriates him.

I wonder if she will be a friend or foe in our characters’  lives


The plot of doom at your service falls under a well-used genre so it is very easy to mess it all up. If you are looking for fantasy Korean dramas, they are many of them from the latest releases to older ones.

This is why this drama keeps blowing my mind with every episode. From the first episodes, “Doom at your service” did not come to play. Despite being under a trivial genre; ‘the fantasy romance’ (Do it right, you bring magic to life. Do it wrong and you depicts a clown circus), the drama has come up with a plot that will keep you on your toes.

They withheld the cute arguments and fluttering gimmicks (Are we still going to get it though?) and focused on grabbing our attention with thrilling dialogues and twisted scenes.

Kdrama-familiar specials like living together, showing up to protect or popping up at her workplace are brought in but in an entirely different manner.

The scenes follow each other so well that filler scenes don’t feel like filler scenes. It blends all, painting the story as you watch on.

As far as I am concerned, what we have been giving with the kdrama is amazing and has the potential to become a full-blown masterpiece if the production team stick to the good path.


The dynamics in doom at your service outlines each character. We have the characters at Dong Kyung’s workspace, with their very own story and Myul Mang’s relationship with the mysterious girl.

The drama keeps feeding tidbits about the characters. You see more as you go along. This can be frustrating when I just want to know if to keep someone on my beware list or not and It is also exciting because I get to see if I can read the placed lines and actions.

I want more attention to be given to the dynamics between the characters in the following episodes.

As of now, it all looks like bits of different people’s stories placed on each other with Dong Kyung and Myul Mang’s tale.

Personal thoughts

I expected a lot from Doom At Your Service and they are delivering. Form the OST (which I have on repeat) to the jolting scenes that make you smile in glee. The character, Myul Mang excites me. I want to see what his deal is and why he want the world to end.

Dong Kyung activates my protection” instincts and that girl, “the creator stand-in” is on my “not to be trusted so fast” list.

I love the new direction the drama is taking its plot.

For Dong Kyung to live her last 100 days without pain, She must request the destruction of the world. If she breaks the contract and does not request the destruction of the world before her 100 days are up. She would not die from her brain tumour but the person she loves the most will.

Now, our darling girl decided to pull a brainer on him.  She would love Myul Mang and make him the one person she loves the most. She would give him her heart.

Now, if she doesn’t request the destruction of the world and everything in it that she holds dear. What would happen to Myul Mang?

I have a certain foreshadowing that Doom At Your Service just might end sadly. There is something about it that tells me it would be coming for our tears. I mean, Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young together. These two can make stones cry and now, they are being put together?

Add a soul-wrenching soundtrack and we will be going through tissues.

Another bonus gift “Doom at your service” offered to its viewers is the presence of Lee Soo Hyuk. He came complete with his enchanting looks and voice! From the look of things, he is not just playing a supporting role but has a say in the story.

We have seen the characters, looked at the plot and examined the dynamics. The question now is “To watch or not to watch”

The answer is definitely! Do not watch Korean dramas again if you do not check this kdrama out.

I give it a 9/10 and that’s because it hasn’t finished airing!

Doom At Your Service airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.

Have you watched Doom At Your Service? Tell me what you think about it!


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