November 28, 2022
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Lee Seung Gi Partners With Former Agency Hook Entertainment, To Promote As An Artist Under Two Agencies

Lee Seung Gi Partners With Former Agency Hook Entertainment, To Promote As An Artist Under Two Agencies

Lee Seung Gi will be joining hands with Hook Entertainment again!

On June 10, Hook Entertainment announced that they will be partnering with Lee Seung Gi’s one-man agency, Human Made.

Hook Entertainment’s official statement reads:

Hello, this is Hook Entertainment.

We recently reported that our contract with artist Lee Seung Gi has ended and that he decided to establish a one-man agency to promote independence. We promised that we would always cheer him on as his supporter and maintain a partnership with him after his independence.

As an artist who recently celebrated the 17th anniversary of his debut. Lee Seung Gi wishes to break the existing framework and actively communicate with domestic and overseas fans through independent and creative activities in a wider and diverse field. He is preparing to take on such a challenge through his newly established one-man agency Human Made.

In addition, we signed a management contract with Lee Seung Gi, who lives up to his reputation as the best artist in Korea, and decided to continue to support his active work as a singer, actor, MC, and all-around entertainer as we have done for the past 17 years.

We will continue to do our best to help Lee Seung Gi show a more advanced and unrivalled appearance in all areas, and we will also actively support and cheer on his independent and creative activities and new challenges in various fields through Human Made.

Lee Seung Gi will continue to work hard to show a more progressive and better side of him, so please go on to show your love and support for him.

Thank you.

Lee Seung Gi made his acting debut in June 2004 under Hook Entertainment. He stayed with the company for 17 years. However, in May, it was declared openly that Lee Seung Gi will be leaving the agency to establish his label.


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