November 28, 2022
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Recommendation! 8 Korean Dramas To Watch Like Right Now!!

8 Korean Dramas To watch Like Right Now!!


Being a K-POP idol is nowhere near easy. From the rumours to lack of popularity to the chaotic life you may have to live, you have to put in a lot of effort.

But what if, just what if, you put in everything you have but you still cannot succeed.

“Idol: The Coup,” tells the story of Cotton Candy, a five-member Idol group in that situation. When things don’t turn out the way they expect, they make a goal to get number 1 on a music show and then disband, but to do this they need to go up against their statistics loving CEO.

They risk their all to get their goal, but even the journey to disband is never easy. Through the journey they make friends and lose many, but will it all be worth it?

Warning from Writer: Avoid all spoilers. I don’t need to say why. You will discover the reason when you receive a spoiler.

Cast: EXID Hani, Kwak Si Yang, Kim Min Kyu, WJSN Exy, Ahn Sol Bin, Han So-Eun, Green, e.t.c


What happened to the red sleeve?

This drama tells the story of the romance between a Crown Prince and a court lady in the 18th century.
When the court lady gets involved with the prince, he falls in love with her. After he becomes King, he wishes her to be his concubine but of course, things are never that easy. She refuses because she wants to live her life freely without being stuck in the palace. How does this turn out?

The drama series is the first acting role for 2PM’s Lee Joon-Ho since he was discharged from the South Korean military on March 20, 2021.

The Red Sleeve finished airing 1st of January 2022 And drew a shocking 17.4% worldwide in ratings.

The question “Why the red sleeve?” Is answered in the drama.

Cast: Lee Joon-Ho, Lee Se-Young, Kang Hoon.


Introducing the bad guy, Ryu Su-Yeol (Lee Dong Wook), a competent police officer but a man who will do anything for money and a promotion. Due to this character, he has managed to achieve success in a short period of time.

The Bad guy “Ryu Su Yeol” meets a crazy guy, ‘K’ who happily guides him to the path of righteousness, even though it means a few punches, kick and blows.

“Bad and Crazy” is an action-packed comedy with a sprinkle of romance and of course, drama.

Cast: Lee Dong-Wook, Wi Ha Joon, Han Ji-Eun, Cha Hak-Yeon


Things never end up well when you meet your ex.

When a broken-up couple are forced to meet each other again due to a documentary they shot in high school, their feelings start to get mixed up. With the interference of a male high school friend and a famous female celebrity, we might see more than just one love line come out of this story.

Kim Dami and Choi Woo-Shik reunite in “Our Beloved Summer” after their hit drama “The Witch.” Their chemistry is at an A star level, chemistry that has made netizens ship the lead actors.

“Our Beloved Summer” is a healing romance drama.

CAST: Choi Woo-Shik, Kim Dami, Roh Jung-Eiu, Kim Sung Cheol


When an arrogant genius surgeon meets a rich intern that’s only book smart but has no skills, he goes out of his way to embarrass him. The intern and the genius doctor have completely different personalities. Opposite cells attract again when the genius doctor gets involved in an accident and his spirit possesses the intern’s body.

What chaos will occur when a happy, easy-going, rich intern begins to act like the arrogant, selfish genius doctor? Don’t miss the chaos, comedy, drama and romance in the ghost doctor.

Cast: Rain, Kim Bum, Son Na Eun, Uee, Sung Dong Il

6. Happiness

How can you find happiness? Is it by acquiring something you can never get, becoming a building representative, securing a house…. Whatever it is some are willing to do anything to get happiness.

After the Corona Virus outbreak, an apocalypse occurs. A highly infectious disease begins to spread that causes humans to start to bite other humans. When the disease spreads rapidly around a building, the entire building is shut down and the residents must try to survive on their own and figure out those with the disease.

But even in the midst of danger, romance blossoms between two friends living in the apartment as they try their best to protect each other and the people closest to them.

Betrayal, thrills, drama, action, romance, this Korean drama is ready to send you on a ride. Sit back and fall in love with our main couple, as you enjoy their chemistry and scream every time you think someone has the disease.

Cast: Han Hyo-Joo, Park Hyung-Shik, Jo Woo-Jin

7. Year-End Medley

An outstanding cast has been put together to express different stories, acting like different people.
Everybody has a different story to tell, while the end of the year may be joyous for some, some might have different problems to find solutions to.
This movie, not drama talks about the different lives and unique problems of the people that work, visit and stay in Emross Hotel.

The CEO is successful but he is obsessed with even numbers. Yes, it must be two, four or six. Not three, five or seven.
A guest has failed the exam he has prepared for, for five years and has come to the hotel to end his life. The manager of the hotel isn’t very confident in her personal life as she has a crush on her friend of fifteen years.
While the manager struggles with her feelings, two high school students start to develop feelings for each other.

The new staff has had to give up her dream of being a musical actress. A singer-songwriter/ radio DJ has achieved his dream of being popular after struggling together with his manager, but he is about to be signed by a big company and lose his manager and he is placed in a state of confusion.

A surgeon is lonely and waits for love while a radio DJ and a pianist who has already fallen in love prepare for their wedding but they face an unexpected situation.

The problems we face are all different. This drama expresses the diverse problems that worry humans and help us see things from the angle of those with the problem.
If you had one of the problems in this drama, how would you solve your problem and start a new year happily? Would you like to see the different ways the different people tackled their diverse problems?

Join the cast in the Emross hotel as they all try to start a new year on a happy note.

Cast: Lee Dong-Wook, Han Ji-Min, Won Jin-A, Lee Hye-Young, Im Yoona, Kang Ha-Neul, Seo Kang-Joon, Lee Kwang-Soon, Kim Young Kwan, Ko Sung Hee, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Hye Young, Won Ji-An, Lee Kyu-Hyung, Jo Joon-Young

8. Silent Sea

Staged in 2075, a time when the earth has been desertified and drained of natural resources. A special team is assembled and given a secret mission to go to the moon for the sake of the earth. But things do not go as smoothly as they think they will.

If you were sent to the moon to save the earth will you go? For free?
Kdrama Veteran “Gong Yoo” plays the lead role in “Silent Sea.” Check out the silent sea.

Cast: Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, Lee Joon

If you feel boredom arising this new year, why don’t you check out some of the dramas listed above?


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