January 28, 2023
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2022 shows signs of a blast as many exciting idol comebacks await.

2022 is showing signs of a great year for K-pop and K-drama fans, from the amazing K-dramas to the amazing K-pop songs we have seen.
This time around the comebacks are going to be more than special, as 2nd generation, 3rd generation and 4th generation idols all have comebacks scheduled for this year. Let us go over the list of some of the most anticipated comebacks.

1.) (G)I-DLE: It took everyone by surprise, when news confirming (G)I-DLE’s comeback in March, was released.
After the departure of Soojin, (G)I-DLE fans showed their loyalty by trending “(g)I-dle is six” on various platforms. What a great gift to the fans to see (G)I-DLE’s comeback after a year and two months. Although Soojin won’t be back in the group, fans are glad and happily anticipating their comeback.

2.) BIGBANG: Probably one of the most shocking was Bigbang’s announcing of their comeback to the world.
YG has released a statement assuring fans that BIGBANG will release a new song this year, which confirms their comeback for the year 2022. Shinee’s epic comeback after three years of hiatus was amazing. We can’t wait to see what kind of performance the legendary boy group will put on.

3.) SUPER JUNIOR: BIGBANG won’t be the only legendary boy group coming out of hiatus. SM has brought some competition, announcing Super Junior’s first comeback in over a year. We are expecting to see a performance that would blow our minds.

4.) BTOB: All the members of BTOB were glad to announce the release of their third full album.
Announcing their comeback as a whole after four years has excited their fans, who hope to see the group performing at their best as they used to.

5.) OH MY GIRL: OH MY GIRL has confirmed their comeback in March and has started their preparations for their new album. OH, MY GIRL received many positive reviews for their constant hit songs, such as “Dun-Dun Dance” and ‘Nonstop”, last year. We hope the same again for them this year.

With news of BamBam nearly spoiling Got7’s first comeback after their departure from JYP, Blackpink confirming they are working on a new song or SM Entertainment confirmed that Red Velvet and NCT DREAM are working on albums to be released this year, we can definitely see that this year may be one for K-pop fans.
Which groups comeback excites you the most?


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