Kim Shin Rok Joins Seo Kang Joon And Jin Ki Joo In New Action Comedy KDrama

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Kim Shin Rok, Seo Kang Joon and Jin Ki Joo will be acting alongside each other in an upcoming action comedy drama!

On July 1, it was confirmed that Kim Shin Rok has joined the cast for the upcoming drama “Undercover High School.”

“Undercover High School” tells the story of Jung Hae Sung, a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent going undercover as a high school student. There he clashes with Oh Soo Ah, a substitute Korean teacher and his homeroom teacher.

Korean actor Seo Kang Joon will play the role of Jung Hae Sung, the undercover NIS agent; and Jin Ki Joo will play the homeroom teacher, Oh Soo Ah.

Kim Shin Rok, who has joined the cast, will star as Seo Myung Joo, the chairwoman of the Byung Moon Foundation and head of the elite Byung Moon High School. Seo Myung Joo is described as a cunning character with a strong desire to win. Seo Myung Joo is also the arch-nemesis of the undercover NIS agent Jung Hae Sung.

The upcoming Korean drama “Undercover High School” was written by Im Young Bin, famous for “Bad Prosecutor.”

The drama is set to premiere in early 2025.

Stay tuned to The Asian Entertainment for more updates!

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