My Lovely Liar Review: A worthy watch or a failed attempt at a thriller rom-com?

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My Lovely Liar is a thriller romance Korean drama starring Hwang Min Hyun and Kim So Hyun as the leads. Since its premiere, it has taken kdrama fans by storm and has quickly gained a lot of popularity amongst netizens.
The Korean drama My Lovely Liar brought to the table the normal scenes we see in Kdramas and a little more. In this article, My Lovely Liar review, I will be going over the plot, emotions conveyed by the actors, the disappointments and what I hope the drama will continue to bring.

What is the plot of My Lovely Liar?

My Lovely Liar tells the story of a female lead (Kim So Hyun) who has the power to hear when a person is lying. She meets a music producer (Hwang Min Hyun), embroiled in a murder mystery, who wants to hide his identity.

Honestly, the plot does make you curious. The way the drama plays into the female lead’s ability to hear lies without taking the spotlight of the male lead and the secrets he has to keep gives the drama a lot of depth. In addition to that, the background of the characters, such as the male lead being a music producer, a job where one may have to show their face or the male lead’s closest friends being in the music industry, does add variety to the drama. This is because you get to be put on the edge of your seat anytime cameras chase after him, flashing lights or reporters intrude on his privacy to get a glimpse of his face. You’d also like to see how our male lead, whom I honestly think is either not a liar or a very good one, has to hide his secret from someone who can differentiate between truth and lies.

The drama also adds various supporting characters that bring depth to the story, with some of them being the male lead’s mother, his friend’s lazy brother who blackmails him with his secrets, his co-worker who is also a musician and the deranged man, who is after him to take his life.
My Lovely Liar plays into its strong side, again, by associating all these characters with the male lead’s secrets, yet painting a picture where none of them knows the real story.

Now, with all this tension, a bucket of romance, a teaspoon of the fame and glamour of the music industry and a cup of Pandora boxes waiting to be opened. My Lovely Liar scores itself as a brilliant Korean drama recommendation. The plot of the drama alone gets a solid 8.0.

Characters and Dynamics – emotions conveyed by the actors

Kim So Hyun delivers a masterful performance in this drama. From the expressions on her face to the tiny movements she makes with her hands or the way she acts like a fanatical football fan, when she puts on her Manchester United jersey and settles down to watch a game. Everything she does seems to add to the emotions you feel while watching this drama. This is nothing to debate about.

Hwang Min Hyun’s acting has been deemed “a little robotic” by some, which I do agree with, but in this drama, we have to agree that it did not affect his performance. His lack of facial expressions and his stiff way of conveying emotions, intentionally or unintentionally, added to the drama. It makes the male lead seem like someone awkward and introverted but does not make you feel awkward, cringe or introverted while watching. No clear complaints can be given.

Korean actors Hwang Min Hyun and Kim So Hyun in My Lovely Liar
Hwang Min Hyun as Kim Do Ha; Kim So Hyun as Mok Sol Hee.

The supporting cast such as Lee Si Woo, Seo Ji Hoon, Yoon Ji On and Song Jin Woo, also pulled their weight in this drama. We saw enough of their acting to know they are great actors. They did not steal the spotlight from the main actors, neither did their seasoned expression of words make me cringe Their inclusion in the drama gave the drama more weight and shined more light on the story.

The actors’ and actresses’ performances get a solid rating of 8.0.

The Disappointments

Honestly, there isn’t much to be disappointed about. The background music and colour matching in each scene did go well with the theme and didn’t seem over the top or lacking. The acting of the entire cast as a whole was not outstandingly amazing, but it was good. The choice of music and sound effects goes along with each scene and it doesn’t feel as if they skimped out on the money used for the props.
So for disappointments, there’s nothing worth complaining about; no outstanding failure or anything like that.

Kim Do Ha and Mok Sol Hee’s kissing scene in My Lovely Liar

What I hope we will continue to see

The interaction between Kim So Hyun and Hwang Min Hyun’s characters honestly brings this drama to life. It’s like the anchor of this drama, the scenes that bring that small smile to your face. I would like to see more of that.
Along with that, the drama has done a great job of slowly developing the male lead. From the shy, insecure person we saw at the beginning of the drama to a more confident person, all without taking away the fun and excitement viewers get when watching the drama.
I’d like to see more developments in all the characters. It would be nice to see how they all turn out in the end.
I’d also like to see them continue with the pace of this drama. Not too fast, not too slow either. They are neither dragging the leads’ relationship and uncovering little secrets nor are they skipping plots and flying into the kissing scenes and confrontations. The pace of the drama is wonderful indeed.

What day does My Lovely Liar Come out?

My Lovely Liar premiered on 31st July 2023 and new episodes are released every Monday and Tuesday.

Where can I watch my Lovely Liar episodes?

My Lovely Liar is not available on Netflix or any other US streaming platform except Viki. You can watch My Lovely Liar with subtitles on Viki.

With these points, I can confidently say that My Lovely Liar review rating is 8.0. All actors pulled their weight, some performing even more outstandingly than the others. A wonderful pace and a nice plot. My Lovely Liar is indeed a great one to watch.
However with more anticipated dramas, such as Doona and Gyeongseong Creature, expected to come out later this year, where do you think My Lovely Liar would rank at the end of this year?

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