Shin Hye Sun, Kang Tae Oh And Kim Sung Kyun’s To Star In New Kdrama “Target” + Reveals Premiere Date

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Mark your calendars! Shin Hye Sun, Kim Sung Kyun and Kang Tae Oh’s upcoming thriller kdrama ‘Target’ had announced its premiere date.

The upcoming korean drama ‘Target’ is a movie that narrates the thrilling and shocking events that occurs in Soo Hyun’s life, when she becomes the target of a crime after acquiring a murderer’s weapon.

The drama’s strongest point is in its realistic yet unpredictable scenes to the point where viewers could end up wondering if it could also happen to them.

Shin Hye Sun’s stars as the office worker, Soo Hyun, who is thrown into the criminal world when she unknowingly purchases a murderer’s weapon, during a second-hand transaction.

Teaser poster of the new kdrama Target. It has the text "Today, I purchased a secondhand item from a murderer.” written in Korean

Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘ male lead Kang Tae Oh, will be making a cameo appearance as the junior officer, Detective Na. Meanwhile, Kim Sung Kyun will play the role of Detective Joo, an officer in the Cyber Investigation Unit.

The upcoming thriller kdrama ‘Target’ is scheduled to air on August 10.

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