Extraordinary Attorney Woo Top 10 Most Heart-Fluttering Romantic Moments

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Top 10 Most Heart-Fluttering Romantic Moments

The Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo is slowly drawing to its end. We have enjoyed every single case, the little banters, melodic dialogue and mesmerizing chemistry between the cast members. During its run-on, ENA’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo and its cast topped the ranking of the most buzzworthy drama and actors numerous times. The drama also holds a record for crossing the 10% rating!

Every Extraordinary Attorney Woo Review and Recap has been thrilling to read and to write!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s cast includes Kang Tae Oh, Park Eun Bin, Kang Ki Young, Yoon Kyeong Ha and Joo Jong hyuk.

Korean actress Park Eun Bin played the female lead, Woo Young Woo. Kang Tae Oh played the male lead, Lee Junho. The chemistry between the two leads has been captivating as the whale couple, as they are now fondly called, continue to fight the law and romance standing by each other’s side. It is no surprise that they have made viewers’ hearts race numerous times.

With that, here are our Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh top 10 Most heart–fluttering Romantic Moments.  There is a bonus at the end!

1. Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 2
Here is your bride, sir

One of our chief scenes in Episode 2. Woo Young Woo and Lee Junho chase the truth behind the ‘The wedding dress that slipped off.’ This required both of them to go undercover as loving couples (swoon) and Woo Young Woo ended up trying the wedding dress.

This scene made me squeal like a little girl. The stunned look on Lee Junho’s face and sincerely,  I was stunned as well.  Woo Young Woo looked angelic in her wedding dress.

The camera’s appreciative run on Woo-young Woo’s dress. Her smile along with the question – Did You fall in Love? Made me pause the movie to get my racing heart back.

This was one of my favourite scenes.

2. Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 4
Would you like to go see the sunset

The scene before this makes this heart-fluttering scene so much more. Dong Geu Remi suspects that Lee Junho has feelings for Woo Young Woo and gives him tips for a perfect spot for a date, famous for its sunsets. Despite acting oblivious, he ends up taking Woo Young Woo to go see the sunset.

The sun-kissed sky and warm background made the scene the most beautiful I have ever seen. Woo Young Woo’s cute talk about wanting to see Sampal, Chunsam and Boksun (her favourite dolphins) On Jeju Island further set the scene.

3. Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 4
Here, a whale, Just for you

A man after my heart. Lee Junho gifts Woo Young Woo a huge picture of her favourite thing – a whale. It was so touching how he knew to give her such a thoughtful gift. That made my heart flutter.

As a reward, Woo Young Woo’s captivated smile and fluttery fingers made his heart – and mine – race.

4. Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 5
Lee Junho Has Feelings For Woo Young Woo, True Or False?

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By Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 5, Lee Jun Ho and Woo Young Woo have already become our main favourite ship. We know he likes her but she doesn’t.

The direct question line – Lee Junho has feelings for Woo Young Woo, True or False? – stunned both Lee Junho and the viewers. The poor boy was speechless, however, his stuttered recovery and wide gaze told us all we needed to know.

5. Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 7
Can I touch you just once?

Woo Young Woo wants to know if she has feelings for Lee Junho. After being told that she needs to touch him to find out If her heart beats fast. Our beloved girl asked him straightforwardly, – Lee Junho, Can I touch you just once?

He, of course, does not fail us by proceeding to make Woo Young Woo’s (and our) heart race. The slow walk-up to Woo Young Woo and his response – So your heart doesn’t race if we’re not touching. Even when you are with me. That’s disappointing – makes me smile like a love-sick fool.

6. Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 9
Attorney Woo Young Woo, I Like You

Done with the back and forth, and the consideration of if to start a relationship with Woo Young Woo; Lee Jun-ho decides to confess his feelings to Woo Young Woo. Doing the Korean drama romance run from his house, all the way back to the office. He meets Woo Young Woo and tells her – I Like You. I Like You So much that it feels like I’m sick inside.

God when? Insert squeal and internal fainting here.

Woo Young Woo ran away, by the way.
Sincerely, I don’t blame her.

7. Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10
Holding Hands Can Wait

First confessions and a runaway Woo Young Woo aside, the whale couple meet the next day. Woo Young Woo apologizes for the way she reacted to his confessions and asks him if he still likes her. With that smile that made us fall in love with him, he confesses again to her.

Woo Young Woo advanced their relationship and the two agree to go on dates before becoming an official couple. With a list of things to do while on a date, holding hands is the first block the whale couple decides to face.

As a person with autism, Woo Young Woo explains that she finds it unbearable to hold hands for long. Her maximum was 57 seconds with her father. Lee Junho does not pressure. Sensing his desire to hold her hand, she offers to hold hands with him for a little over 21 seconds.

The result? Holding hands can – and will – wait

8. Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10
Open Your Lips A Little More

Holding hands can wait but kissing doesn’t have to. While we won’t get to watch Woo Young Woo and Lee Junho hold hands for a little over 57 seconds. We don’t have to wait too long for the most romantic and heartwarming kiss scene.

I don’t blame her though. A man who so sincerely and without hesitation answers ‘Yes’  to the question “Will you keep loving me even though it is hard?” deserves the most heartful embrace.

The drama keeps the couple’s kiss scene more intimate by turning off the light. This left their figures bathed in shadows and painted the most beautiful kiss scene in the whole of Korean drama kiss scenes.

9. Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 11
Dating Woo Young Woo

In love with each other, and butterflies in the air. The whale couple can’t stay away from each other. Their eyes constantly stray, looking for each other. When it finds the other, it lights up followed by a smile only a person in love can give.

Naturally, they leave their groups and gravitate toward each other. Even a window can’t keep the two apart.

10. Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 11 –
Hold Me, Tighter

Another wrenching, heartwarming scene. This scene made me realize that Lee Junho was prepared to fully be by Woo Young Woo’s side, enough to study autism.

After the accident, Woo Young Woo is distressed and cries out uncontrollably, flaring and shaking. Lee Junho proceeds to hug her tight to calm her down.

To viewers, this action might just be warm and extremely caring but there is more to it. For people with autism, anxiety can be relieved if pressure is put on the body during sensory overload. Having studied about autism, Lee Junho knew exactly how to show up for Woo Young Woo and be a shoulder to lean on.

Don’t worry! We know 10 is not enough. So we added a bit more!

Read on for 5 more of our favourite Extraordinary Attorney Woo romantic scenes!


Bonus 1.
Waltzing through the revolving door

Episode one introduces Woo Young Woo’s battles in her new firm and with the building’s revolving door. Intimidated by the turn-around contraption, – she is not the only one – lee Junho’s presence is a very welcome scene.

With a three-step beat, Lee Junho shows Woo Young Woo how to dance her way through the revolving door, literally. The two proceeds to waltz – a scene complete with music and white reflecting light – their way through the door.

While they are dancing, we are here building ships, and no, it’s not too early.

Bonus 2
Please Hold the door

One thing that makes my heart flutter is the little acts of service that Lee Jun-ho unconsciously does for Woo Young Woo. Making sure there is gimbap because she feels uncomfortable with any other food choice or holding the door of the elevator when he sights her coming. (Episode 3)

With a smile against the grumbling, hungry coworkers. Lee Junho wins my gaze with his caring actions.

Bonus 3
I’ll pick you up when you fall

On the way to the magnificent tree in Seongbok town, Woo Young Woo slips and falls.

Lee Junho picks her up and gives her his jacket when he sees that hers is ripped (Episode 7).
A classic Korean drama show-up-when-its-needed but it does the trick.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

Bonus 4
Tell me what those hands can do.

Every Extraordinary Attorney Woo Korean drama lover’s favourite scene.

In the car – (Episode 7) – with Lee Junho who decided to wear a cuffed-up shirt, barring his forearms. Woo Young Woo and I could not help appreciating the work of art that held the steering wheel.

Bonus 14
Let’s break up, Lee Junho

More heart-wrenching than heart-fluttering, but it altered our heartbeat; so it does the job.

Woo Young Woo breaks up with Lee Junho because she is scared that she would become a burden to him. Throw in a sudden epiphany on the latest case – mid-break-up – and her break-up speech ends up being insensitive.

Throttling away to right the case, she leaves Lee Junho staring at her retreating figure dumbstruck. Then again, it is not every day your girlfriend asks to break up, then excitedly walks away to solve a law case.

Our whale couple just broke up.

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