Kang Tae Oh’s Agency Confirms Further Details About His Coming Military Enlistment

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More details have been disclosed for Kang Tae Oh’s upcoming military enlistment.

Kang Tae Oh’s agency, Man Of Creation released an official statement:

“Kang Tae Oh will enter the 37th division recruit training center located in Jeungpyeong County of North Chungcheong Province on September 20. Kang Tae Oh will carry out all of his scheduled activities before September 20. Please show warm support for Kang Tae Oh who will return after diligently carrying out his mandatory duties.”

Kang Tae Oh’s agency, Man Of Creation

It was also added that the Extraordinary Attorney Woo male lead will enlist quietly; without any special events.

Kang Tae Oh’s military schedule will run for a period of 19 months. He will receive basic training for four weeks, before proceeding to serve as an active-duty soldier for 18 months.

Kang Tae Oh is to be discharged from the military on March 19, 2024.

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