November 28, 2022
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Her Private Life Kim Jae Wook Considers Role In Upcoming Drama “Crazy Love”

Her Private Life Kim Jae Wook Considers Role In Upcoming Drama “Crazy Love”

Kim Jae Wook might be returning to kdrama society!

On July 27, industry sources reported that Kim Jae Wook will be acting in the upcoming drama “Crazy Love” (working title).

The actor’s agency Management SOOP responded to the reports, clarifying “Kim Jae Wook has received a casting offer for ‘Crazy Love’ and is positively reviewing [the offer].”

“Crazy Love” is titled and defined as a crazy romance drama which tells the story of a man who pretends to have lost his Memories when he finds out that he is to die soon and a woman who has to pretend to be his fiancée when she finds out that she doesn’t have much time to live.

Actor Kim Jae Wook was offered the role of Noh Go Jin, the CEO of GO Study and the top math instructor in the whole country. If he accepts this role, it would be his first drama in over two years since “Her Private Life” in 2019.

Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young

Kim Jae Wook had starred in the 2019 hit drama “Her Private Life” alongside Park Min Young.

The upcoming drama “Crazy Love” is in talks to air later this year!

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